Terms And Conditions

Here is a list of the terms and conditions that govern the use of the site. You will acknowledge, agree or accept the following terms and conditions of user accepted policy at the time of accessing OnlineBuynSell via any website or any sort of electronic device.

You understand and agree that OnlineBuynSell happens to be the internet enabled a classified platform that aids in easy communication for the advertisement and distribution of information which is pertaining to services and or goods.

At the time of using the classifieds and different services of OnlineBuynSell such as comments, discussions forms, feedback or service interlaid, you will be posting in the right area or category and you will agree that your use of the site will be governed by the accepted users terms strictly which is inclusive of the policy for listing of classified ads that will not be violating the policy for restricted as well as prohibited products.

The listing policy will be an integral part of accepted user policy:

Your information is considered to be a sort of information which you provide us or any user of the site at the time of posting, registration, listing or replying procedure of classifieds, via the discussion forums. You agree to the fact that you are the lawful owner who has all the rights, interest and title in your

information, and agree that you are accountable and solely responsible for your information and we are just a platform for the publication and online distribution of your information.

You agree to the following facts that the posting, listing or any information.

Will not be misrepresented, pertain, fraudulent, to the sale of any counterfeit, illegal, stolen services and goods.

Shall not be pertaining to services and goods of which you are not the owner by law or you do not possess the consent or authority for listing which do not possess authority for, or which do not belong to you.

Shall we not comprise any material which expresses racism, bigotry, hatred on the basis of gender, age, caste, race, class, religion, nationality, preference of lifestyle?

We will not comprise of pornography, obscene or indecent representation of a woman.

Will not be distributing any sort of viruses or technology that will cause harm to the interest of OnlineBuynsell users and impose load in an unreasonable manner or interfere with the working of OnlineBuynsell in a proper way.

Shall not been distributing multiple letter, chain & pyramid scheme in any of the form.

Shall not been distributing multiple letter, chain & pyramid scheme in any of the form.

Shall not been distributing multiple letter, chain & pyramid scheme in any of the form.


Use of onlinebuynsell.com by registration or in any way can be availed by any people who are recognized to be the citizens of the Indian republic, who are more than 18 years of age and who are capable of entering into a binding contract legally or and not barred by law for the time being. In case you are accessing OnlineBuynsell by registration or any means, not individual but on the behalf of any sort of legal identity, you represent that you have the full authorization of doing so and the posting, listing or any sort of information which is placed on the website on behalf of legal identity is solely your responsibility and agree for being accountable for the same to different other users of the website.

Abuse of OnlineBuynsell

You agree that you will inform us in case you come across any sort of posting or listing which violates or is offensive to our listing policy or any listing that infringes any sort of intellectual property rights for enabling us for keeping the website to work in an effective and safe manner. We have the rights of taking down any listing, posting or information, or terminating or limiting the services and take legal and technical steps reasonably for preventing the misuse of the website, keeping with the spirit and letter of accepted user policy. In case you encounter any issue while using our website or our services, you can report the problem to our support team.

User violation

You agree that in case you post, list any information violates any provision of accepted user policy or listing policy, we reserve the rights for terminating or suspending the membership of the website and refuse for providing you or any individual that act on your behalf accessing the website.


We reserve the rights for removing any sort of pornography or similar content that hurts the religious sentiment of a person or a group of person, indecent representation of a woman. As you provide our content as part of your info, you are conferring us rights of using, reproducing, publishing, translating, distributing and performing similar content across the website. We require these rights for hosting and displaying your content.